Remote Interpreting Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Businesses working in multicultural environments often deal with language differences. While some organizations could function using only Arabic or English, many global companies are happy to invest in language services when organizing seminars, expos, and other events. 

Organizations dealing with the general public such as hospitals, courts, airports, and hotels may also require fast access to interpreting services to ensure the best experience for their clients.

The Advantages of Remote interpreting

When trusting your image and brand communication to interpreters, you need to work in advance to find the right qualified professional, ask them for availability, pay their travel and accommodation fee, and rent and install specialized equipment for simultaneous interpreting. 

Remote Interpreting, on the other hand, does not require on-site professionals nor specialized equipment. Linguists and clients are connected through the internet via a mobile device or computer, and the speaker’s message is translated seamlessly. 

Langpros offers two remote interpreting modes for the KSA and international customers: Video Remote interpreting via our SmartLangPro app and Remote Simultaneous Interpreting.


SmartLangPro is the best video remote interpreting solution for hospitals, courts, hotels, airports, and other bodies operating in Saudi Arabia and dealing with a multilingual public.

Available for pc, smartphone, and tablet, this app gives 24/7 access to qualified interpreters working in over 100 languages without booking in advance. 

When on-site interpreters are not readily available, or when dealing with rare language combinations in emergency situations, SmartLangPro offers a user-friendly platform with instant response. 

Each interpreting task is supervised by our project managers, who assure a seamless process. Our team is readily available to solve any issues or answer special requests. 

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpretation is the most innovative solution for your web meetings and digital events. Thanks to a cloud-based platform and a user-friendly interface, clients can select their language channel from their device, and be able to listen to the translated speech without any delay, just like in on-site simultaneous interpreting. 

Not only RSI is a mean to organize online multilingual events but it also offers many advantages in terms of quality and efficiency:

    Clients in Saudi Arabia can have access to the best interpreters worldwide;

    No accommodation costs and no specialized equipment;

    Access to rare language combinations;

    Online management of project details and invoices;

    Responsive customer care.

Safety first

Coronavirus is affecting the lives of billions and having to face language barriers during this emergency is a demanding challenge, especially for healthcare organizations and global businesses. Remote interpreting is the best way to have rapid access to language services while respecting safety norms and social distancing measures. 

With RSI services, confidentiality is guaranteed, with encrypted data flow, dedicated servers, separate cloud sessions for each event, and Non-Disclosure Agreements signed by all of our collaborators.