Chinese is the first language in the world by number of native speakers (about 1.2 billion people). 

Its origins date back to the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC), this is why it is considered one of the oldest languages around. 

With such a large number of speakers, Standard Chinese knows some variants and modifications according to the geographical area. 

Our Chinese language experts are native speakers who have trained in the craft of translation with a proven experience. 

We translate from and into Chinese in these languages:

  • Chinese into English and English into Chinese;
  • Chinese into Arabic and Arabic into Chinese;
  • Chinese into French and French into Chinese;
  • Chinese into German and German into Chinese;
  • Chinese into Russian and Russian into Chinese;
  • Chinese into Italian and Italian into Chinese;
  • Chinese into Spanish and Spanish into Chinese;
  • Chinese into Portuguese and Portuguese into Chinese;
  • Chinese into Farsi and Farsi into Chinese.

Industries we serve

Our language services in Chinese, issued by trained linguists, cover every business sector. 

Our legal translation services in Chinese are performed by specialized experts who perfectly know legal terminology and phraseology. We translate:

  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • diplomas
  • wills
  • memoranda of association
  • patents
  • litigation documents
  • trade licenses
  • powers of attorney

Our Marketing translation services focus on conveying the brand identity of firms through linguistic and cultural differences. This is why we have gathered a team of expert cross-cultural communicators to help you reach your business goals. 

We also specialize in Chinese translation for the Real Estate market, as many Chinese potential clients are more willing to invest when they can confidently examine listings and websites in their mother tongue. 

We are ready to assist you in Chinese Real Estate Translation and copywriting for your brochures, marketing material, corporate videos, website translations, floor plans, and much more. 

Choose us for our proven experience in the field of translation, our premium services at a fair rate, and the confidentiality we use in handling your documents.