Communicate online column, 13 February 2020

Arid and dry are not enough description of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that overflows with vibrance among its people. The country is home to myriad cultures brought by different nationalities who have sought opportunities in the land and found it there.

With its demography consisting of mostly expatriates, UAE is a spring of multiple languages.  While the country’s official language is Arabic, several Asian languages, European languages and English are also used.  Thus, overcoming language barriers is a way to connect multicultural people.  It is vital in ensuring economic development and facilitating the dynamic exchange of knowledge, information, and forces among its individuals and institutions.

However, translation alone is not enough. Technological tools have hugely helped with this task, but inaccuracies still emerge from them. A good translator does not only consider translating word per word of a phrase or sentence but also regards context and meaning. It deems language as integral to culture, values, and beliefs. It aims to convey the message while being aware of cultural differences. With excellent translation, a country that is a refuge to people with different tongues will not only break barriers but also build bridges. Connecting cultures through languages, a country strengthens solidarity among its citizens and toughen its ties with the rest of the world.

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Matteo Ippoliti

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