The Oil and Gas industry is a global business sector. Refineries, oil exploration companies and transporters all operate on an international scale. This industry represents the most important sector of Saudi economy, as the KSA is the first country in oil export, thanks to large oil reserves, esteemed to count around 25% of the global oil reserves. 

Cross border operations in this industry require high-quality translation services from and into Arabic, English, and other languages.

Langpros works with the best technical translators who specialize in the Oil & Gas industry, in order to guarantee our clients reliable language services in a timely fashion. 

Our team of project managers selects only the best linguists with extensive experience in this field, who are capable of handling the specific terminology correctly with the use of translation technologies such as databases and computer-assisted translation tools.

We understand oil companies operate with a geographically diverse business model, and we can provide high-quality translated content taking into account the different local regulations.