Langpros Remote Interpreting 

The technology we employ at Langpros allows simultaneous interpreters to work from remote, thus being able to provide a live translation stream to any location in the world with an internet connection. 

Even if the event happens in Riyadh or Jeddah, interpreters could be located in Europe or Asia. Linguists work by receiving an audio and video stream of the event in real time, and by sending their translation to the audience without delay, as in on-site simultaneous interpreting. 

The audience will listen to the translation through our BOSCH infrared system, or with an application on their smartphone.

This technology allows the organizer to save money on the travel and accommodation costs of the interpreter. Remote interpreting also allows to choose from a vast network of qualified professionals from all over the world, even for rare languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, German, Korean, Portuguese, and others. 

Medical Remote Interpreting

Hospitals and clinics worldwide are increasingly resorting to remote interpreting services for their language needs. This interpreting mode is the fastest, as it allows to have access to interpreters in hundreds of languages on demand, which may be a significative advantage during medical emergencies. Unlike telephone interpreting, this technology also allows to see the body language of the patients and medical professionals, thus guaranteeing a more accurate and fluent dialogue. 

Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting consists of connecting two or more people with an interpreter on a conference call. This is the fastest method to accessing interpreting services when on-site lingusits are not available. However, this mode might not be as reliable as traditional or video remote interpreting, as the interpreter does not have access to important information such as the speaker’s body language. 

Telephone interpreting is often used for commercial negotiations, emergency calls, and customer service