Langpros language services relies on a network of over 2000 linguists offering translation, interpreting and copywriting services

Our team is scattered all over Middle East, Europe, and the World. This allows us to operate in different time zones and be responsive 24/7.

Our offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE are ready to assist you in choosing the best language solution to help foster your business’ international communication. 

Each translation project we work on is closely followed by one of our project managers, who constantly liaise with the client and the linguists in order to guarantee maximum accuracy and compliance to your requests. 

We also specialize in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in Saudi Arabia for any kind of events, and we offer our technical support with the installation of soundproof booths and headsets for your conference, seminar, or business meeting. 

Langpros Translation & Azimuth International

We work as a decentralized team of project managers and professionals who are located in different European, Asian and American countries and we can efficiently manage translation projects 24/7. All other requests can be sent to [email protected].

Langpros international team

Azimuth Business Consulting offers comprehensive solutions to businesses willing to expand in the Middle East. Get your fully operational company in Dubai and the GCC to expand your reach into one of the liveliest economic regions worldwide.

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Keeps you up to date on the latest trends in the UAE and the Gulf market. Find out what your target customers need, search for new business opportunities, and learn how to reach new potential clients with compelling marketing techniques.

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