Simultaneous interpretation consists in interpreting what is being said by the speaker with a minimum delay of only a few seconds. The interpreted speech is then streamed to the audience thanks to specialized equipment. The interpreter operates in a soundproof booth speaking in a microphone. This signal is then received via headphones as the speaker talks. 

Thanks to technology, it is also possible to provide multilingual simultaneous interpreting services via different audio channels on the wireless receiver. 

Simultaneous interpretation is an exceptionally difficult task that can be carried out only by trained professionals with years of experience in the field. This job is particularly demanding because linguists are required to speak and listen at the same time. 

Since this mode is so demanding, interpreters can work for short amounts of time. This is the reason why simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs, taking turns every 20 or 30 minutes. 

We select only the best interpreters for this task. We offer simultaneous interpreting services in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, German, and more. 

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

We not only offer top-of-the-line simultaneous interpreting services, but we can also take care of the equipment installation and technical support for enabling your multilingual event. Our brand of choice for interpreting equipment is BOSCH. 

We will provide:

  • Infrared receivers
  • Radiators
  • Sound-proof booths
  • Control Units
  • Site technicians
  • Microphones
  • Speakers.

We can also provide portable equipment (also called bidule) for multilingual guided tours or business meetings. With this kind of equipment there is no soundproof booth and the interpreters wear headphones with a built-in microphone, while the audience receives the translated speech via wireless receivers.