Langpros is ready to help you communicate with the world, be it for business or personal reasons. We will enable your dialogue with clients, colleague and suppliers, and assist you in achieving your goal. 

While translation refers to written text, interpreting implies oral communication. Unlike translation, interpreting is done on the spot, usually during events such as conferences, seminars, business meeting, medical examinations, court hearings, and more. 

Professional interpreters are perfectly fluent in two or more languages, but they are also trained to manage highly stressful situation and to always guarantee a seamless and accurate conversation flow, thanks to their interpreting techniques and experience. 

Interpreting modes vary according to the context, the type of event, and the needs of the client. Here you can find a list of our interpreting services:

  • Simultaneous interpreting: The interpreter, sitting in a soundproof booth, listen to the speaker and simultaneously translates the message to the audience through specialized audio equipment. This interpreting mode is used in conferences and seminars, workshops, and other types of large gatherings;
  • Consecutive interpreting: The interpreter translates a section of the speech while the speaker makes a pause. This mode can be carried out without the use of any equipment, but on other end it virtually doubles the duration of the event, as speech is repeated twice. Consecutive interpreting is the best solution for shorter events such as press conferences, interviews, working lunches, fairs, exhibitions, and short business meetings.
  • Business/liaison interpreting: very similar to consecutive interpreting it differs in the size of the multilingual group of people, e.g. one-on-one interviews. In this mode the conversation turns are shorter, and the interpreter does not take notes;
  • Remote interpreting: this mode is used when on-site interpreters are not readily available or inconvenient to employ. Remote interpreting can either happen via the internet or telephone connections. Remote interpreting is often employed in medical examinations and court hearings. 

Besides our interpreting services, we also offer the rental of interpreting equipment and the on-site assistance of our specialized technicians.

For those visiting Saudi Arabia in need of a language guide, we offer our language mediation services. Language mediators are bilinguals without formal interpreting training who can assist you during meetings, shopping, guided tours, etc.

Please do not hesitate our office to discuss the best interpreting solution for your project. We will be happy to assist you and you will receive a free quote!