The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a really unique country for its geography, cultural heritage, and thriving economy. 

By far the largest nation in the Arabic Peninsula, with its 2,150,000 square kilometers of land area Saudi Arabia is the 12th-largest country in the world. 

Saudi Arabia can proud itself of being the first economy in the Middle East, also thanks to its abundant oil&gas reserves (respectively the second and fifth world largest). However, Saudi government is intensifying efforts and investments to reduce its dependence on oil-economy with the Vision 2030 plan. 

Saudi Vision 2030 has 3 main goals: promoting the role of the country as the heart of the Arab and Islamic words, becoming a global investment powerhouse, and transforming Saudi Arabia into a strategic hub connecting Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

Saudi Arabia is also attracting more and more tourists, both for the traditional religious pilgrimages and its 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Langpros is proud to be an actor in the Saudi vibrant environment. Our team is ready to accept new challenges to enable global dialogue and prosperity by connecting people from different cultures and languages.