Khaleej Times, 16 April 2019 – Special Issue “Shaping the Future” – page 27

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the world’s wealthiest states. No wonder it is called “Land of Opportunity” for businesses to invest and thrive in. One of the businesses that can attest to UAE’s great potential for business is Langpros, a Dubai-based translation company.  

The diversity of people in the region is the primary reason Langpros flourished in UAE. Expats from all over the world now form approximately 81% of their population.  The bulk of nationalities come from South Asia, comprising 60% of the total population.

Other expatriate nationalities include Westerners, East Asians, and Africans. For these people, the only way to succeed in communicating with others is through translation.

“This has been possible thanks to the unique opportunities offered by the multicultural and multilingual environment of the country, combines with the values, the ambition and the vision of the UAE,” Langpros Founder Matteo Ippoliti said. He added that these played a crucial role in inspiring his entrepreneurial spirit in shaping the mission and vision of the company.

“The need for professional translation and interpreting services together with transparent and business-friendly regulations and practices in the UAE have contributed to making Langpros one of the leading translation companies in the region,” said Ippoliti.

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