Do you often work with people from different cultures and backgrounds? Do you need interpreting services, but wish to avoid the long process of arranging them? Does your company regularly have to adapt to ever-changing circumstances?  

We have what it takes to meet your live interpreting needs! With our brand-new service, the SmartLangPro App, you can access remote audio and video interpreting, wherever you are and whenever you need it. Simply download the app on your computer, smartphone, or tablet device and let its user-friendly interface guide you through the process.

The platform is based on an ever-growing global network of interpreters spread out across the world working non-stop with more than 200 language combinations.

This service is ideal for event planners organizing business gatherings, medical staff dealing with foreign patients, legal interpreting, airport services, tourist establishments, public administrations and all other instances that require immediate and trustworthy linguistic services.

The App gives you access to three services:

  • Pre-book online audio and video remote interpreting;
  • On-demand audio and video remote interpreting;
  • On-site interpreting.


Pre-book Online Audio and Video Remote Interpreting

Pre-booking audio and video interpreting is best suited for the less common language combinations and events requiring the most accurate terminology or special arrangements to be made beforehand.

Simply choose a date, a language pair, and the kind of service you require. Our project managers will handle your request and match it with the best candidate for the job. On the scheduled day, the interpreter will then contact you through the App and start interpreting via video or audio stream, depending on whether you chose the former or latter option.

On-demand Audio and Video Remote Interpreting

For emergencies or unscheduled events, you can choose our on-demand audio and video interpreting services and a remote interpreter will get in contact with you. 

This service allows you to overcome any unexpected situations and can be crucial whenever it is not possible to have an on-site interpreter readily available.


On-site Interpreting

With the on-site interpreting service, you can book a local interpreter for your event, so that he can perform his job in person. This option is ideal for those situations in which the presence of an interpreter is to be preferred, such as long meetings and conferences lasting a whole day and requiring the same person throughout the duration of the event.

The Pros of SmartLangPro

Choosing remote interpreting for your meetings comes with a few pros:

  • Cost Reduction

Our remote interpreting services have very competitive prices, as they allow you to cut down on several additional costs. In fact, you no longer need to pay for an interpreter’s flight and hotel accommodation, nor for the set-up of technical equipment, or for the support of IT staff.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to the App user-friendly interface, you will be only a few clicks away from talented professionals ready to assist you at any time and in every language pair.

Moreover, we have a rating system specifically designed to increase your satisfaction and a team of project managers whose sole aim is to guarantee that your needs be fully met.

  • Quality and Efficiency

All our interpreters are highly trained and qualified professionals, and our project managers make sure to choose the most specialized in the domain that our clients require.

Our workflow runs smoothly and without any downtimes or setbacks, and our app gives you full control over your scheduled events by letting you upload files, invite other team members, communicate with our project managers, examine reports, and handle invoices.


  • Confidentiality

All our interpreters have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we implement the privacy and security best practices when handling your documents.

Our remote interpreting services are particularly appealing to hospital facilities, courts, airports, hotels and any other business that needs to have access to an interpreter instantly ready to assist them the very moment they need him.

Whenever longer sessions of simultaneous interpreting are needed, as it is the case with bigger events such as congresses, we advise to choose our on-site simultaneous interpreting services and remote interpreting services.

The App is compliant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), supports Data Sovereignty and is GDRP ready.